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Anyone up for a trade? FT: Hungarian goodies

As the title suggests I’m looking for someone (within the EU, sorry) to trade with. I can send Hungarian beers in their way.


Hi, we can do something, if you like.

I’m also interested :relaxed:

Contacted both of you :slight_smile: @Cuso @rotaman14

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If you like some German stuff, we could do a trade in Jan or Feb if you like :beers:

I’m in for one two …, februari if ok? // Thomas


Bumping this as I’m open to doing another trade again!

Hey Mark,
maybe later this summer - if you’re interested again in german stuff :beers:

Hey Mark,

Not in the EU, but if you are interested i would like to trade.
There are some very interesting goodies around here lately.

I’m at my full capacity since then, but we should come back to this in a while as I’m intigued to see what’s going on in Israel :slight_smile:

the same goes out to you, but I applied for the latest Euro Swap so who knows, you might receive a Hungarian box anyway :slight_smile:

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No worries, I will be in touch with you in a while.

Highest recommendations for Mark (as a trader ;))


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