Anyone want to trade? Looking for New Glarus and Kuhnhenn

I have no idea if anyone wants to trade, I have no idea if anyone on here lives near these two places, and I have no idea what people want in return.

But if anyone is bored and wants to go through the onerous process of buying, packaging, and shipping beer to Baltimore and has access to either brewery, I’d love to hear from you. I am basically interested in any New Glarus aside from Spotted Cow (all regularly available stuff is fine) and anything from Kuhnhenn that isn’t hop-centric.

I can do my best to send back local beer in exchange or look for cool and special beer in the my area or close surroundings (e.g., MD, PA, NJ, NY, DC).

This dude… shows up at a bottle share, shits all over NG Belgian red and then 60hrs later shows up looking to trade for it…


Not to mention I though the peach one was too peach and the aged Wild Sour was too acetic. But that Tripel was spot on.