App pic widget issue - pictures have to be square and that's not a good thing

In short, not all labels or bottles can be edited to look good or okay in a square picture. A lot of times rectangular shapes are a must to fit everything in.

I had to add a beer without a picture right now and add the picture separately as it the picture would’ve been cut off otherwise. That’s not cool. Please allow for more options at least. I know how it might look like a good thing to you guys (devs), but in real world, it just does not work.

Love that you’re working on that BTW!


Also, could you do something about wider-than-taller rectangular pictures on the website…the are rendered so tiny…

For example, I uploaded this beer label picture and look how small it it rendered on the Beer Page…

This size problem isn’t there the other way around

@aww @services

can you try to solve the problem with the wide pictures being displayed so tiny in the beer pages?