Bag In Box Ciders

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I’ve recently started reviewing / rating ciders and I was wondering how to categorise the “Served In” category for BIB (bag in box) ciders. The options are Cask / Tap / Can / Bottle - none of which is exactly appropriate. Is there an accepted option for this, or should I just leave the field blank ?

I’d mark them as cask and note it in my rating personally.

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@jercraigs response is what 99% of cider raters do in there rates currently. If you don’t agree I would leave blank because there is a 99.9% chance that it will never be added as a “served in” option.

Yeah, same with Oud Beersel bag in box lambics really. I’d just leave that empty and note it in my rating.

Thanks. Will do that in future. [ in my own records I’m marking them down as G (for gravity) ]

In the case of the Oud Beersel bag in box lambics I said of one “Cask in the Chateau Cardboard sense” and another “Serving type: 'kn goonsack ay.”

I just want to note that Oud Beersel BiB lambics are in rb sense the same as cask/hand pump/non refermented, so they are different ticks than bottled versions (most of them exist only in the BiB format anyway).


Looking back I’d put tap for BIAB ciders from most recent rates (I must have figured at the time that it has a tap to pour out from the BIAB), although I can see the reason for using cask (i.e. gravity cask rather than hand-pull cask) vs tap which is used for keg dispense.

It’s incorrect to select ‘cask’, as its a completely different serving method. Notable reason being that a cask beer has been conditioned in the cask. 24hrs before serving the cellarman vents the beer with a soft peg and, after 24hrs, replaces with a hard peg for dispense. The beer is now being exposed to oxygen and needs to be served ideally within 3 - 5 days.

Bag in a box cider is not vented or exposed to oxygen, and as such lasts for a couple of months after opening.

It has more in common with a keykeg, but selecting ‘tap’ would also be incorrect as there clearly is a difference between cold, carbonated keykeg cider and boxed.

Only option is to leave it blank.


I haven’t actually ran across any cideries here that do a typical bag in box format, just the bag. I don’t believe they last more than a day. I would love a cheap box in my fridge next to the Pinot.