Beer adding heroes

Just found this list, which I never knew existed. Have to give big props to @Skyview for adding 47,000 beers to the website. Wow, and I thought I added a lot of stuff here–this guy did 10 times as much. The next closest is @Marko at the ridiculously ambitious 24,000 and change.


I’ve entered 4495 according to this list–about a quarter of the beers I’ve rated. I wonder how much that ratio has gone up in recent years though with drop off in membership. Every time I got to Florida, or Latin America (which should include southern Florida anyway), it seems like I add virtually everything.

It was a lot easier to manage and add new beers to the database when there were less than 4,000 breweries in America (pre-2015). Today with over 9,200 breweries operating, that is way too many to track of.


Still an epic achievement to add that many beers

Also 4 of top 10 are Canadians, pulling our weight around here apparently @lubiere @Viper666.Qc @oakes @mcberko

Wow, Skyview is still killing it!

I think I slowed down in recent years. Just keeping things up to date on existing stuff takes way too much time - of which I have less than before I guess. But having to add 80% of CZ beers I drink + 95%+ Croatian beers, along with whatever ends up in my sphere of interest is more than enough.

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I have only added beers if I have rated them, or about too. Places, only if been.

My totals will therefore be a truck load lower than those that help everyone and add every new beer they hear about or know about. Thanks for doing that, I’ve sometimes come across beers on here that have been added and I am the first person to rate them, saves me time when it’s already sat there waiting for a review.



I haven’t enetered that many beers. But many beers have entered me…


No offense to the top “beer enterers” here (their numbers are truly impressive), but I believe this statistic does not go back to the very birth of RateBeer. Some of the veterans do not get (all) the credit they deserve in this matter.

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I want to see my own pathetic stat in a side by side. Is that anywhere?


Wow, I knew I added a ton of beers, but knew I wouldn’t place anywhere near the top.

As was said earlier in the thread, it is hard to keep up with all the new beers. I used to go through and add in all the missing beers before heading to a brewery, but it’s hard to do that these days so I basically just add what I’ve rated.

When adding a new brewery (well, new to RB, sometimes they’ve been open a year or two), I’ll go in and add in at least the top 10 beers, usually using Untappd if the brewery website is lacking in details :rofl:

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I dont think this statistic is useful. I think only admins are on the list and they get credit for accepting other raters addings. But I could be mistaking.

onceblind, djd07, Ratman197, Travlr = not admins, didn’t bother to look further.


The beer entered / beer last edited fields were introduced later, that’s for sure, and some have gotten credit for beers entered before that were edited last by them before the cutoff, me included.

But, I’m 99% sure that was a fair bit before RB even hit a decade - and the beer world blew up fully only in the 2010s. Beer no. 100 000 was added in early 2009, beer no. 700 000 was added in early 2019 (and beer 800 000, by me (hah) only a year later!).

So, the stats are a bit unfair to non-admins from the earliest years, but let’s just say that Skyview and me, Lubiere as well I reckon etc., would be way up there even if those were removed.


This page needs that line at the bottom where it shows how inferior I am to the people on the list!


This isn’t a beer added list like you’d imagine. It’s actually a beer edited list. It goes off the “last edited” field, which, is the original beer enterer if it hasn’t been edited by an admin, and then the admin once it’s edited.

I don’t think this can be true, or I would be on the list. I would be the last person to edit the vast majority of the 5000+ New Zealand beers and nearly 1500 Other Half beers, not to count all the rest of the NYC breweries I maintain.

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Probably a broken list. Just like everything else around here. :frowning:

So, logged in to enter my backlog from Saturday’s fest (no shape to do so yesterday).

Seen an answer from this thread so went here and checked my score - 24477. Moving on, I started with the Trojan brewery from Telč, from which I had 2 beers. Noticed some mistakes and inconsistencies so edited every beer, as one does. Checked again, 24477.

The second beer I had that day was a collab between Permon and Budvar’s (CZ Budweiser’s) “traveling brewer” who goes around doing collabs and being the face of the brewery - an IPL with Zappa and Citra. Surprisingly, it was not on the site yet. I added it. Checked after, 24478.

So there you go. Editing changes jack shit, at least now, adding beers changes the score, at least now.

Edit: Needed to add a beer AND a brewery now - 24479. Yup, seems to work fine after all to a degree.


Woahhhh I just got a new badge for getting 50 clicks on that link!! Thanks guys! My life has new meaning