Beer Advent Calendar

Have you ordered one?

Which one?

I’ve gone for the Honest Brew one.

It’s in my house now. Looking forward to it.

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Probably the best beer advent calender was done by Erzbierschof in Switzerland in 2014 and 2015. The most expensive one could be ordered as a “vintage edition” and included aged BA impy stouts and lambics. Even a 3F Schaerbeekse Kriek or a BrewDog Tokyo Rising Sun Highland Edition. The price tag of 350CHF was not low, but considering the contents it was a bargain. Ah, those were the days…

getting two of these rad calendars to boost together every week in December was what made me start ticking.

So did you know in advance what was in the calendar?

Morrisons are doing one for £30:00. One or two new beers to me, but too many boring ones to bother with (in my opinion). All 500ml bottles though, so good value if there are more hits for someone.


As typical of Erzbierschof, it was completely random, and every calendar had different bottles in it, and you wouldn’t know what you’d get. Great stuff in all of them, though.

Ooh. Sadly we don’t have a Morrisons here. They have twice intended coming to Southampton, but both times pulled out at the last minute. There is an empty brand new building here in Woolston in Morrison’s colours, which is waiting for someone to do something with. But as Lidl have just built a supermarket nearby, no proper supermarket seems prepared to come in and do battle with them.

Ah. Just seen the contents: Courage Light Ale, Youngs Light Ale, Marston’s Resolution, Manns Brown Ale, etc.

Think I’ll give it a miss.

I’d love to go for an advent calendar but I just have tooooo many bottles already at home, it’s not worth it at this point in time for me and I’d rather just get through my stash.

Many of the sites in my bottleshop thread offer them, though in my opinion HonestBrew and Hoptimism are the best in terms of the beers you get. So you’ve made a good choice.

That Erzbierschof calendar sounded fantastic! Wish I’d got into beer earlier so I didn’t miss out on things like this.

I did consider the Hoptimism calendar - and I wondered about buying two calendars, but thought I’d be reasonable.

Your bottleshop thread back on the old RateBeer forum is what directed me to those beer sites. I’ve stuck to Beers of Europe for years because I’m well happy with them, and I remember the days before Beers of Europe when you’d get broken bottles, stale beer, swapped orders (“We ran out of the three rare Imperial Stouts you ordered so put in three bottles of Guinness instead”), and lots of mistakes so you always had to go though the boxes carefully against what you actually ordered, so am a little dubious of moving away from a beer shop I can rely on. But when looking on those sites some of the cheap offers tempted me to to give them a try. I’m always happy to buy beers out of date - in fact, I’m prepared to pay a lot for beers that are years out of date!

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Thats me

I’ve gone for the flavourly one this year. But it has a lot to live up to compared to last years one from Beer Gonzo.

Was going to go for the Honest Beer one. However, as mentioned elsewhere, I went for one of the German ones available on Amazon. They list the beers. Have only had two before and then not rated on here.

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I wanted one but:

a) couldn’t justify the cost in one hit
b) I don’t drink that much beer at home so they’d soon have built up
c) I am away for 9 days in December which would further exacerbate point b)

If I had, I’d probably have gone for either the Ghost Whale one or Hop, Burns & Black ones. Think they’ll be way more interesting than most.

I’m just gonna cut the side off a cardboard box and number it 1 to 24, stick in front of my beer fridge, and off we go !


Getting a German/Austrian one (Kalea), 21 unrated beers from 18(!) new breweries! :smile:

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Man, I’m loving this thread!

That’s the one I ordered. Had two before joining Ratebeer but all new rates for me. I looked up the beers - one had zero rates and one may or may not be on here (May not have the correct brewery listed).

If it’s any good I am going to order their beer tasting box, German, Austrian and one from Ukraine. When

I think one is not on RB, and a few listed with wrong/confusing brewery names.

Looking at your photo, mine has the Bad Santa beer but other than that I think it’s different. It may be that there is an ‘international’ version? There were two different versions available on Amazon - different packaging but apparently the same beers, but perhaps, alternatively, that is not the case?