Beer entry splitting announcements!

Creating this thread so that admins could announce splits of beers, especially those with large amount of ratings where people rated multiple different versions before - so that people can potentially have their beers moved in right entries - and for people to be aware that there are multiple ticks to be had. :slight_smile:

To start it off, MIkkeller Baghaven Gift from Demeter (6.5%) has had Gift from Demeter Blend 2 (5.2%, August 2021 release) split out, and the Gift from Demeter Blend 3 (March 2023 release, 7.6%) split out.

So, potential Blend 2s are by @minutemat , @DraftDodger and @Milter - and @Sebilinz , @beerbandits and @arsol could’ve had Blend 2 or Bland 3. If you know which exact version it was, please ping me to move the ratings.

The others can rate away. :slight_smile:


Split out this year’s Garage Festa Major from the old one - though the graphics design doesn’t reveal that it’s a '23, the brewery page confirms it - and the two have different hops.

Old version:

New version:

Mainly to let @Taboada @hrabren and @ogivlado know in case they can get the new version, so they don’t skip it.

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Hi everyone:
have been split, so you can tick the new Sheriff - @DraftDodger @Ungstrup @Desverger @MiP @BBHansen @yespr @martin00sr @Skinnyviking @ChrisOfstad @Pinball

Also, can someone who sees this also please tag Borup as well - I can tag only up to 10 people in a post.


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