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Beer Festival spring season has started in Belgium!

Bruges beer festival in Februari was the first one, but now a lot of stuff is coming soon!

To which festivals are you coming, and on which dates? Copy paste as a reply, so we know who’s coming when, it’s always nice to meet each other and share beers. :wink:

  • Leuven Innovation (sat 14/4)
  • Leuven Innovation (sun 15/4)
  • Zythos Beer Festival (sat 28/4)
  • Zythos Beer Festival (sun 29/4)
  • Tilquin English Beer Festival (sat 5/5)
  • Tilquin English Beer Festival (sun 6/5)

Feel free to add others, I’ll try to update this post with other festivals as well, these are just the ones I’ve got scheduled ATM.

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Zythos, most probably Saturday (doing Spelling van het Lot on Friday).

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I’ll be going:

  • Leuven Innovation (sat 14/4)
  • Zythos Beer Festival (sun 29/4) < preference for Sunday, however, if everyone else is going on the busiest day, Saturday, I might try to switch
  • Tilquin English Beer Festival (sat 5/5) < there’s a bus from De Gentse Biervereniging leaving from Dampoort. There’s still a couple of seats available! http://gentsebiervereniging.be/bustilquin

Don’t forget this year’s edition of Swafff on 19-20 May in Molenbeek! I think I’ll be heading to this year’s edition.

Here’s the brewery list:

Belgium :belgium:
Brasserie de la Senne
Brasserie de la Sambre
Brasserie Minne
Brussels Beer Project
Hof Ten Dormaal
No Science

A Tue Tête :switzerland:
Anspach & Hobday :uk:
Cyclic Beer Farm :es:
De Moersleutel :netherlands:
Foglie d’Erba :it:
Hoppy Road :fr:
Nova Runda :croatia:
Northern Monk :uk:
Oersoep :netherlands:
Tanker :estonia:
Tempest :uk:
Widawa :poland:


Zythos likely on Saturday.
Cantillon Quintessence
Tilquin on Saturday

I can offer lodging in Brussels and a tasting the evening before Quintessence and Tilquin.

I can also bring back some homemade spicy Niger sauce or peppers for those interested. Hit me up.

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Zythos likely on Saturday
Leuven Innovation likely on Sunday
Swafff likely on Saturday

Forgetting Night of the Great Thirst? :slight_smile:

I would absolutely love a tasting the evening before Quintessence, but not sure yet if I can make it really :frowning:

Np, let me know if you come, no prob for a tasting or have you spend the night in Brussels.

don’t sleep on them, they might become one of the best new breweries in Europe.

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Too many Americans :wink:


Maybe there should be an entry test where you have to say that sentence in Dutch. Bad pronunciation, no entry :stuck_out_tongue:

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French? :frowning:

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Mais non, manneke. :sunglasses:

people tell me my Flemish pronunciation is not even horrible, so w/e.

(I don’t intend to go to Nacht van de Grote Dorst this time)

I think not saying “goozie” is already a pretty good shibboleth for such an event.

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Sure, as long as you accept French. While we are being discriminatory idiots, you’re not allowed any North American beers where you mispronounce the name. Sounds pretty stupid, right?

Cool your jets, pal; I’m being sarcastic. And I’m not even from a place that speaks Dutch or French.

I’ll be at Leuven Innovation on Saturday, behind a stack of books – two of which are for Tim and Eugène. Drop by our table to collect 'em, fellas!

Unfortunately it looks like I can’t make any of those festivals this year. Pity…

Tilquin on Saturday! Quintessence too. Hopefully Swaff again, loved the atmosphere last year. Great festival.

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