Beer Mail Migration

Is it/ will it be possible to Migrate the old beer mails over. Im guessing not, and if not, can we make sure we get plenty wanring before we lose them


I have been asking myself the same thing. I’m all for a better beer mail system, but there’s addresses of trade partners etc in there. I’d like to be able to migrate them before it’s closed down. Or is it possible to have the old ones in an archive of sorts?

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Yeah. I lost some due to the limit
but i did once have a record of every trade going way way back, which was nice and helpfull reminder of people gone or just not sen in a whilre

Pretty sure Joe said the old forums and BM would be archived and remain fully accessible. Can’t find the post now though. Essentially we won’t lose anything apparently.

This will be the case. Craig you’ll have limitless space for your messages on the this new software.

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It’s highly unlikely that old messages will be migrated however we will provide a link to access old mails

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I was gueszing that as its standard software

Archived is fine by me. Just don’t want to lose those historical connections

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