Beer Vacation Recommendations

Getting started on trip planning for this fall. Have been to Japan once before in 2018, so won’t be hitting up Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka as much this time. Looking like it will be some combo of Kanazawa, Nagano, Okayama, the Kii Peninsula, Fukuoka and various day trips.

Any recommendations for breweries or bars that are worth visiting or seeking out near those cities? Or places to get info on different breweries (websites, social accounts, etc)?

Thanks in advance!


There are lots of places where you are going. I’ll just mention some of the best:
Near Nagano, the #1 rec is Shiga Kogen Farmhouse. The are one of the best breweries in Japan and this place has all their beers.

Kii Peninsula: Nomcraft. They are making all kinds of interesting beers, from hazies to authentic lagers.

Okayama: Doppo Brewing Stand in the Aeon Mall food court. Great prices. Stick to their great lagers, and forget the fruit beers.

Fukuoka and Kanazawa each have several brewpubs and beers bars, but I can’t much say which are best, except that Jibiruba in Kanazawa always has good stuff on tap.

Thanks for the info! (And apologies for the very late reply - trying to log in again to the forums was no simple task.)

Figure it’s a long shot, but I’ll be solo in Matsumoto and Kanazawa from roughly Oct 6-12 if anyone in those cities wants to meet up!