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The BRB has a completely different hop selection than before, added a new entry.

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Clear alias, thx!

@Taboada: Went for same, don’t see the brewer advertising it as separate.

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Birrificio in most beer names

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This should be Good Mood I believe

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These two are the same beer

Spitting Feathers used to brew some of their beers under the Heritage brand name, but now they just use their own name for everything

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Fixed the name and the style, added missing info as well and a pic.

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Aliased, switching up the data so that the main entry reflects the currently active name.

Someone has changed the spelling of this beer from Metre to Meter. The image used for the beer was the original pumpclip using the American spelling ‘Meter’. However, someone at the brewery clearly realised their mistake and the pumpclip was then re-issued to pubs with the correct spelling ‘Metre’ - see below.

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Looks same

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Woodgate Cloudy Apple Cider is made by Aston Manor.

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Here’s some stuff what I have spotted:

This is flavored (bourbon oak chips and vanilla):

This is flavored:

This is Flavored - Fruit:

This is a NEIPA:

This is an APA:

This appears to be a duplicate of this: I have a can in front of me and, it’s 3.9% now anyway.

Not sure if the brewery have reused the name or if it’s a series but can Honey be added to this one, please:

(I am adding the NZ PA with same name.)

Looks like this can be retired (also it’s a NEIPA). Now a 4.5% NEPA with no mention of Beer Boutique:

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Speaking to someone from.the brewery, this was brewed at German Kraft Beer Dalston:

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Sorted out most of these except for the Zlaty Bazant 10. I suspect it is indeed a dupe but there’s not even been one added on Untappd so it’s odd to see it here. Perhaps someone local can double check there’s not been a recipe change. I can’t imagine there would be.

I had a look at that honeyed Veri Pale. Seems at some point during 2020 they dropped the word “Honey” from labelling and never mentioned honey after that on their socials. They also claimed the beer to be vegan friendly, which wouldn’t be possible if they were still using honey given it’s an animal product. So yeah, I’d say the one you added is definitely a different beer they’re just reusing the name, doesn’t look to be a series of any sort.

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@LazyPyro thank you for not intervening with the Bažant case
@BeardedAvenger please tag @Cuso (or in worst case scenario, me) when you’re asking for fixes when it comes to Slovak beers, so that someone on the side doesn’t do some knee-jerk aliasing without local knowledge. :smiley: That’s why we have local admins.

I see why there’s a new entry. Bažant’s site wasn’t updated yet for whatever reason, and it still carries pictures of the older version, but Heineken Slovakia has been updating their basic lineup, very clearly stating that those are new recipes. How old is your can? What does it say on the bottom? Things might easily have changed since your can got imported.

The can in the picture on here clearly says “Improved taste”, it’s new (a few months old).

Thank you for bringing it up in any case! We might have a split of the 12% on our hands as well. And then we have to see what happens to all the versions brewed abroad (the Czech one, Belarus one etc.). Can of bloody worms. :smiley:

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Zlatý Bažant 12%, brewed in Slovakia:
4,6%, 10,5 EBC, 24 IBU - previous version
4,7%, 12 EBC, 32 IBU - from: 31.3.2023

Blurb: Zlatý Bažant 12% - slovenský ležiak kompletne mení receptúru - “it completely changes its recipe”. So, not a tweak, a completely new recipe, according to the brewery.

Zlaty Bažant 10%, brewed in Slovakia
3,9%, 8,5 EBC, 20,5 IBU - previous version
4,1%, 12,5 EBC, 23 IBU - from ?.2.2023


Is made by Westons:


Please amend style to Pale Ale - Australia / New Zealand, label states brewed with NS hops

This is presumaky the same beer I am hokding so is called Moon Curser

Addes to UT in 2017 as per the the two ratws on here.

Please amend style to Gose - Flavoured

Thanks, Simon

Difference between these entries?

Also, should I add the Buckley Reserve #1 and #2 2023 batches as different entries from any of these?