BEERS: Issues Reporting - Please Post Here for modifications

Please Post Here for any BREWER related entry issue which need correction. Admins will take care of it the best they can.
Generally, the admins will provide the mention LIKE when they corrected the issue.

-this is only for issues fixable by content admins - fixing names, adresses, sites, etc.
-anything tech-related that we content admins cannot fix shouldn’t be posted here but either messaged to JoeT or discussed elsewhere.
-there will be and are regional boards where local admins fix stuff. if you have one of those, feel free to use that! :slight_smile:

So is this supposed to be a replacement for sending corrections?

Both work.

Please move this to the American Bells Brewery, I assume it belongs there. Because currently it is listed for a local brewpub which hasnt attended BeaverEx for sure :wink:

Done :grinning:

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I can’t add a new beer. I fill in details for a Cali Common, try to hit enter and nothing. I put abv, name, style and barcode. Also tried without barcode.

(Basically the big blue “add new beer” button doesn’t respond when I click. Tried multiple times)
Suggest to ‘unretire’ since I just bought a fresh can last week

Apparently I can’t add beers (the beer name just becomes blank). should be Gremlin Brew Good Girl.

Previous two done.

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I still can’t add beer sometimes. I think it’s with the new modified names, and this is on my laptop. I fill all the deets out, then click “add beer” but it does nothing.

The following should be NEIPAs (I have been requesting change for a while, but no change on these particular ones):

Changed these for you.

First of these also has fruit and the second has a wild yeast strain so I’ll leave them until we’ve sorted out the new style sheet and worked out what goes where.

Can you report this in the feedback forum? This thread is for people to post problems with beers to be fixed by admins. Feedback forum is for problems with the site.

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I’m pretty sure you can blanket switch every IPA or DIPA made by triple crossing, other half, Aslin, The Veil, The Answer and Commonwealth breweries to NEIPA.

Also all the IPAs and DIPAs of Goonda and Hysteria breweries in maryland.

I would have thought that, but there are def a fair number that don’t fit. Sour IPAs, wheat IPAs, and Other Half used to make old school IPAs in 2014-2015. But yes, generally speaking…

If you can put links to the specific beers that definitely need changing (just for IPAs for now, double NEIPA need to wait for the style sheet list to be updated), then an admin will get to them. I don’t know enough about any of those breweries outputs to know which ones need changing and don’t.

Can this name be changed from Citra to Galaxy? My mistake.


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