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This should be aliased to the German entry:

Question: this beer has been entered twice, due to different hop combinations. However, one of the entries is a Flavoured IPA, while in the other is a DIPA. Both have been verified. So what is the right style here?

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Please change the style here to Stout - Oatmeal

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What to do here?

Thank God.

Please elaborate on the correction required?

Can someone rename this to “Bright Big Jolly Boi Christmas Ale” – because I’ve now added Bright Big Jolly Boi West Coast IPA?

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This probably should have Demi-Sec after cidre fermier, as both ciders made by this producer have ‘cidre fermier’ on the label - one is brut, the other is this a demi-sec.

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Same brewery and same beers?

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I see now, I didn’t notice that it was two beer entries because the one link is to the “client” brewery and not the beer entry. I’ll take care of it when I get home on my laptop.

Some more atuff I have spotted…

This is an Imperial Pilsener… at least brewer’s intent would appear to apply, and it has a higher ABV than a number in the Top 50 list:

This was brewed at Brauhaus Binkett:

This should be Maltster Mash:

There is a new version of this with one less hop (no Ella). Suggest this version has Citra, Mosaic and Ella added to the name and is retired. Also it’s a Hazy IPA.

This is now contract brewed at a different brewery. Now brewed at Brightside. A case of changing the ‘brewed at’ details or retiring the original version?

Andwell do not overly advertise the facts that the Bavarian Gold beers are their brand so this has resulted in 9ne duplicateso far… Maybe remove Andwell from name?

This is also the Dunkel but that part was missed from the name:

This is an Amber Ale (the newish XV is an update of it):

Full name for this is Prehistoric Creatures - Best Bitter (I just added the Golden Ale):

I added this as an APA but with hindsight should have added as a Pale Ale -.Hazy.

This beer is not made in Russia. In fact, it is brewed by Robinsons in the UK, according to Russia’s Federal Register of Alcoholic Products:

Please change

Also, I’d suggest removing the brewery Unknown Origin - Russia, seeing as there aren’t any other entries besides that English beer.

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Thisted Signatur IPA
:denmark: Pale Ale - American (APA) • 6.0%

(1) This is the same as Thisted Ipa green label.

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Nuke: Stigbergets L’imposteur • RateBeer

Keep: Stigbergets L’imposteur • RateBeer

Cheers and thx // Thomas

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Please add the name of the beer ”Bali Marmelade” and charge ABV to 6%

Thx :pray:

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De Cirkus Brouwerij - still a client brewer or are they now brewing?

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Brewing themselves since May 2021. Fixed up the brewery entry and added the place.

oops sorry, entered this beer with the wrong spelling:

should be spelled ‘mallemaroking’

thanks for helping

Please amend to Pale Ale - Aus/NZ, or at the very least it might be an APA.


Same beer (same style, abv, no beer just called “port city”, so it was probably accidentally added):

The following need to be renamed:

Port City Colossal Anniversary Ale

Port City Colossal One (Catoctin Creek Maple Rye BA)

Port City Colossal X (Catoctin Creek Barrel Aged)

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