Belgian Tour

Not sure who’s left from the Belgian gang but let’s give it a shot.
I’ll be in Belgium from Wed till Sun.

Rough plan is
Wed afternoon - Bruxelles (probably de la Senne & La Source)
Thursday - Antwerp
Friday - Cantillon & 3F
Saturday - Leuven

I’ll be joined by the owner of Nova Runda brewery and another beer friend from Croatia. If anyone is up for a beer let me know.

Just some random shout outs @tderoeck @kraddel @Rubin77 @77ships @JorisPPattyn @sebletitje

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Sorry, only Antwerpen is possible, and then weekends only.

Enjoy, Joris

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You seem to miss out on Ghent…
Breweries: Brouwbar, DOK Brewing Co, and the more classic Gruut. Also Totem (top 10 best new breweries on RB couple years back, just like DOK, IIRC) where you could probably get a personal tour if you contact Klaas.

Working full time on weekdays, but maybe I could join you at one of the above for a beer, should you decide to do Ghent on saturday instead of Leuven. :wink:

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oh yeah, the tagging helped to receive an e-mail. :wink: Not very active on this platform anymore…

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Saturday is a bit complicated for us since my friend wants to meet the guy from Hops n More in Leuven as he distributes/imports Nova Runda beers. And in the evening we have to catch a train to Charleroi since we have an early flight back.

I’ve been to Ghent twice. Made it to DOK (which was great) and Brouwbar. Would like to come back sometime.

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I wanted to post at Brewver as well but seems there is not much activity there either

Anyone going to OBD? I’ll be there on Saturday.

We’re planning on going to Gebrande Winning on Sunday if someone is interested in sharing some lambic there let me know,.

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I ll be there too…

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If I make it to OBD, it will be on Friday, not on Saturday, unfortunately.


me too :wink: