Belgium Brewery Tour advice. If I do it on my own ( I’m talking 2-3 buddies) soemone always has to drive and can we get into the really good spots withiut issue?Any advice for me from someone who has done either or or both?Thanks

I am wanting to tour the best of Belgium Trappist Breweries and /or farmhouse ale sites,
I can’t decide whether to do an organized tour like Belgium Beer Me or try to do it on my own.
The organized ones are not cheap but they take care of everything. If I do it on my own I have to make all the arrangements, someone has to drink and drive and can we get into the cool spots. Anyone done both ? What’s your advice?

Having done both an organized beer tour and a self-guided trip with friends, I can tell you there are pros and cons to each. The organized tours like Belgium Beer Me are definitely pricey, but they take care of everything—from transportation to exclusive access to some of the top Trappist breweries and farmhouse ale spots. You can fully enjoy the experience without worrying about driving or logistics.

Doing it on your own can be more flexible and potentially cheaper, but it requires a lot of planning. Someone will need to be the designated driver, which means not everyone gets to enjoy the tastings equally. Plus, some of the best spots might require advance booking or insider connections to get in.

If budget allows, I’d recommend the organized tour for a hassle-free and immersive experience. If you prefer more control and are up for the planning challenge, a DIY trip can be a fun adventure—just make sure to plan transportation carefully.

These editorials may come in handy for you before the tour:


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