I am going on a beer(mainly) trip to Berlin, early next month. Is there anywhere a map of Berlin to be found, where breweries etc. are indicated and that is reasonably up to date?
Thanks/ Danke, Joris

This is the best I could find Joris: Map of Breweries in Mitte |


Thanks, my friend.
Mind, in the mean time, I’ve found a slightly better map, though not complete either.

I’m not preoccupied, I’ve only got 3 days, there’s something like 100 breweries/breweryhirers in the Berlin area alone, (not counting Potsdam f.i., which I want to visit), and on top of that, I’m going to meet Berlin Beersommelier Sylvia Kopp, whom I’ve known a long time, so I’m not going to miss out much.


We lived in Berlin when the wall came down back in 1989, so much has changed since those days, and not just beer wise of course. We go back about every two years and love visiting old haunts and new places, it’s a fascinating city to visit.

I am sure you’ll enjoy it, and Potsdam is great.

Thanks for that link, I shall take a look before our next trip over.