Brazil, Rio, Manaus and back Jan. Feb

Hi, any recommendations for Rio, (city and Il Grande) and Manaus - wlll arrive 24th of Jan and go back 13rd of feb. Breweries, bars, brewpubs, festivals or anothing else? Thanks :pray: for feedback . Cheers // Thomas

In Manaus I recommend Manaus Brew Shop, they have a good selection of draft craft beer and good pizzas. Porto de Lenha has a lesser selection of beer and is in a shopping center made from old shipping containers. Note most of the seating is in the open so not a place to spend a rainy day.

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So we were able to make “Beers & Beer” in Manaus. They have 7 draft beers today (23 JAN 2023) and many bottles/cans. The euoropean selection is heavy on the Belgian side (yea!). Another cooler dedicated to American beers like Sierra Nevada & several other brands. Draft beer is local craft, cans/bottles are from the south, Minas Gerias, Sao Paulo & Santa Catarina. Another shipping container shopping center that is real cool, Decent inside seating area for at least 32 people and similar capacity outside. B&B does serve food, pizza, sandwiches and snacks, Haven’t tried the food but it sounds good!

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Many thx for the feedback. Been so far to Beer’s and Baf and Manaus Brew Shop. In my book the Manus was much better, vs selection on tap and service level. My wife tried the ice cream and dessert place beside the BB. Excellent service minded, very nice dragon fruit caipirinha and some duce de leche/chocolate cake.
A wee question was it the place u wrote about?: Porto de Lenha / Porto de Lenha - Cervejas & Petiscos?

Thx again for the great feedback……

@NobleSensei81 NobleSensei81

Hello Crew, any tips for Rio :heart:?

Yes that is the place.

The best town for craft beer in Brasil so far is Juiz de Fora in Minas Gerias

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As for Ilha Grande, there are a few beach bars which carry bottled craft beer. The only draught (chopp) beer I’ve found it at a place called Biergarten Pub in Abraão, they have an IPA made in Angra dos Reis which is decent, that beer does have some diacetyl.

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I was in the southern part of the Island only two macro breweries present but many different beers - that can be found in any major supermarket in Rio;).Bring beers if u want to drink micro ones. Thx again for all the good tips. Regarding Rio there are many brewpubs, Untappd was a good source - but double check if open and opening hours. As usually high rating on Untappd doesn’t mean that it’s the best place.