BrewDog Collabfest 2023

Managed to avoid Wetherfest but tomorrow I will hit Collabfest (day 2)

This year only at selected bars and not across the board

Lists are all up on UT and on a day by day basis … the London bars I checked out seem to have 15 or 16 on tap simultaneously

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Edinburgh Doghouse has a whole 5 on, and it looks like Cowgate is one of the bars that has stopped using untappd for beer listing. Some of the taplist can be inferred from recent user activity though.

Just left Shepherds Boost … the prescribed 16 available

No stinkers but little wow … file under 3.6 average which is fine

Bang the Elephant CDA top of my roster

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Quality of beers is generally quite variable.
It’s often good for a new brewery tick or two though!

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It’s always been that way mind … with some absolute howlers thrown in … 2.8/7 rates and the odd 2 ish !

The ones I had today were of a more rounded quality tbh … maybe 3.4 lowest

Only about 30 to 40 offerings this year mind (not sure exact amount) to reflect the 30 to 40 or so bars partaking

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Yeah they’ve scaled it back a lot this year.
They lose money on it each time.
Takes a lot of logistics to arrange.

I still remember the time the then GM at Brewdog Bristol got the train to London to grab a keg from Tower Hill bar so she could offer every Collabfest beer in her bar. Maybe 2018 ish. That’s dedication!

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This was the all time howler … at it’s home bar … seems folks rating elsewhere had a better batch !!!

Weird Beard / BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush Bring The Long Night • RateBeer

They ended up giving it away free

I had that one in the Rutland Arms in Sheffield in 2018 according to my Untappd, gave it a solid 3.0 :neutral_face:

Another year, another reminder: please don’t verify Estonian beers. Estonia has an active admin :slight_smile:

That being said, i liked this year more than the previous one (we had 14 available and 3-4 were above average and only 2-3 were really on the sh!at side)

The Molo Howling Fjord one was pretty good, enjoyed that (although the beer menu board oddly showed it as 3.4% rather than the 6.5% it was meant to be).

Probably not gonna bother since we no longer have a bar in town and to be honest if I’m gonna go to Nottingham or Birmingham there are better choices. And fewer non-UK beers mean that ticking is far less fun.

Probably a bit late to declare a no show … it finishes in 2 and a half hours!

Interesting to see how many and for how long there are lingering kegs this year after the big scaling back.

popped into Brum twixt trains on Sunday and got 4. Sheffield didn’t manage to get hold of any (and wasn’t one of the collaborating bars) so safe to say it’s four and out for me

10 days on and still plenty lingering on tap at the designated bars … just moved to the guest list.

I have a meeting in North Greenwich tomorrow afternoon … looking a the Canary Wharf menu there’s 7 still on, 4 of which I didn’t pick up in Sheps Boost, so will hopefully have the time to swing by.

aye guessed there’d be beers around for next month or two… but as you know I don’t get out much!

Sampled this one last Saturday in Bristol. Not only a new brewery for me but a new region too.


Ha … mine are all still in backlog

Had that one … new region for me also !

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A few years ago I had a flight of them and the barmaid asked for feedback. There’s was one I said that just didn’t work for me and was told that it has sophisticated flavours. Better than just being told to fuck off, I suppose.

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The same 4 beers are lingering at the Edinburgh Hotel. I got this one and three others last Friday. It was kinda spoilt by the royal mile’s ancient sewers deciding to erupt into the bar whilst we were there though.


Got three collabfest beers at the Cowgate bar last night. The pillars lager was massively over-carbonated, but the sours were good.

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