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My bad, I was under the impression that for Client Brewers we go by the location stated by the brewer.

For example, this brewer is down as being Belarusian (here and on UnTapdd), but all its beer is made in St. Petersburg, Russia — its UnTappd page states “Born in Minsk, brew in St. Petersburg”.

By no means am I a Russian admin and saying your input was wrong. I was just posting what I found out in my research so far. This can usually be handled several ways will look for input from @marko and @mcberko on this one.

Great example of moving them is UK Brewery X contracts in London, but legally presides in Suffolk for all government licensing than we usually put them in Suffolk.

Not sure the presidency elsewhere and only Untaped has the detailed info outside of all social media saying a Siberian brewery that brews in Moscow.

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Bight Brewery in Australia, has pretty much a 50:50 split with beers with and without brewery in the beer name.

As the word brewery is removed from the beer name when a new beer is added I suggest we go without brewery in the beer name.

This lot have been open since August 23 but brewing has never started. Can they be changed to a Commissioner please:

Not sure where the beers are brewed.

Check out their Instagram post on 13 March Blondies Brewery

Also I’d like to take the opportunity to post the below definitions of brewery type as classified by RB:

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