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Please Post Here for any BREWER related entry issue which need correction. Admins will take care of it the best they can.
Generally, the admins will provide the LIKE mention when they corrected the issue.

-this is only for issues fixable by content admins - fixing names, adresses, sites, etc.
-anything tech-related that we content admins cannot fix shouldn’t be posted here but either messaged to JoeT or discussed elsewhere.
-there will be and are regional boards where local admins fix stuff. if you have one of those, feel free to use that! :slight_smile:

A few weeks ago, I’ve put in a rather extensive correction request for Pan American Grill and Brewery (, but have not seen any changes implemented yet.

Will an admin please have look at the change request database and address this at their earliest convenience? Unfortunately I did not save the text I sent with the corrections, but the bottom line is that the brewery name Pan American Grill and Brewery and their beers should be changed into Lafayette Brewing Company. A complicating factor is that their beers are most probably brewed at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery (NY) (, a few blocks away from the place.
Along with this, I’ve sent in corrections for their contact info (phone, address, twitter, facebook, etc.).
Thank you!

There are only 2 entries with your name in the bug report list that are open. Both are beers from Ireland. I also looked at the closed bugs and didn’t find any Pan American entries.

You can BM me the changes and I’ll take care of it.


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Made the change to the brewer. For their beer entries, probably the best thing to do, in a case of a Brewer’s name change is to enter the beers which are still brewed (those with the same name as before) as a “Lafayette beer” but alias the old name to the new entry. In this case, if someone searches for a pan-american beer, they’ll still be able to find it in the db.

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Strange that my brewer correction in the feedback form did not get through.

Thanks @Viper666.Qc for changing the brewers name and listing the news report supporting my name change proposal.

As for renaming the beers: I have a backlog of 8 current ratings here, but I am in strong favour of renaming all 21 existing beers to Lafayette Brewing [beer name] or Lafayette Brewing Co [beer name], regardless of whether they are still brewed or not (and change previous names into aliasses). I hope you will avoid the Lafayette [beer name] style, as there exists already a brewery and its beers with this name in Indiana.

Further info that may be updated:

Thank you.

Normally, you don’t need change the name of retired beers (brewed only under the old brewery name) because they never existed under that name.

I renamed the other Lafayette Brewing Co. (added LBF as in their logo) to avoid confusion. Normally we don’t add things light “Brewing Co.” in name as they make the entry too long…

Dont know, Who are the admins for New York?

So, only beers with new incoming ratings (as proof of their non-retirement) will be renamed and aliased? How do I go about that once I enter my backlog - send individual correction requests after I’ve rated it?

I do not know that.

Somebody re-added a cidery that already exists and a few ratings will need to be moved and the extra one - Wilson’s Hard Cider - will need to be deleted. Yes, I’m an admin, but I don’t have time for it right now and I figure other admins are bored. :slight_smile:

I think this one should stay:

and this one should go:

Moved ratings and a beer, deleted duplicate beers and place.

Please delete the brewery leftovers (don’t have enough rank access)

Thanks! Looks like someone already took care of the deleting as that link comes up blank now. Cheers!

Lafayette Brewery has two place entries now. Will you be able to merge these? Thank you!

Affiliated user advised.

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Two of the three Syrian breweries (Al Shark and Barada) we have on Ratebeer are out of business. Also, a new brewery called Afamia has been opened in the country (I’ll add it later if no one gets round to it).

Before 2011, two local brews dominated the Syrian market: Barada, produced at a brewery outside Damascus, and Al-Sharq, based in second city Aleppo.
Al-Sharq shuttered its doors as violence in Aleppo escalated. The Barada brewery was ravaged by fighting, with Syria’s government blaming “extremists” and rebels accusing the army of shelling it.
“I was very sad when the war destroyed the breweries, so today I’m happy to have Syrian beer again,” said Elias, a 27-year-old customer at Abu George’s.
He sipped on a cool Afamia, named after the celebrated city of Apamea in central Syria.


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ISO! :sudan:


This brewery was renamed Carlsberg Azerbaijan in February 2017:


Thanks to whoever took care of that!

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This brewery

was renamed Kotayk Brewery at some point, possibly in the mid-90s when the place was relaunched as a joint venture with the French.


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This places address should be revised to be uppercased:

Also, the beer names should be standardized with Brewery name and brewer.

Names of the following breweries should also be standardized (i.e., brewer name + name of beer):

The word Cerveceria should probably be dropped from the beer names:

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Pleae update the website:

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Still having issues adding new breweries. I added one today or at least tried and it all seemed to work then it “disappeared”. It is “Cosmic Eye Brewery” out of Lincoln, Nebraska.