Brewery Closings and Consolidations

Figured one thread is useful to keep updating:

Drake’s absorbs Bear Republic

Speakeasy acquired by Full Circle

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Carlsberg buys Waterloo in Ontario

Black Sheep Brewery to go into administration (

Albany Pump Station brewery sold to newer craft brewer

FX Matt (Saranac) buys Flying Dog

Did not see FX Matt getting into the buying game. This will leave a rather large brewery up for grabs in MD.


Duclaw to Riverhorse


Two old school brands trying to make it work. I’m not sure they can but good luck to them.

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Banger Brewing in Vegas closed down in March.

Bhramari Brewing in Asheville closed officially last month after prematurely closing in January. They were looking for new investors but the name was tainted. New brewery opening up in the same spot soon.

Duclaw seemed to be too into pushing mediocre canned/bottled product instead of keeping their brewpub lineups relevant. Sweet Baby Jesus wasn’t bad for the style by any means, but it really was a bad choice for a flagship.


Bhramari had some nice beers too.