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Brolters of Bremen

Hi, does anyone know if the place has gone forever?




Brolters - A lot of beer. (Craft Beer Store) is recorded closed at this location.

Also the magic of Google streetview confirms that it’s no longer there.

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Closed since August last year.

Thank you everybody, I thought it had ‘gone’. That place was one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Bremen. Still intend going to Bremen when all this virus stuff is calmer. It will form part of a road trip to Schwerin and the German coast.


Never been to Bremen myself. But will check the Places section if anything needs to be updated.

@WillemsUrenkel is from close by and could give some insight as well probably.

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I want to review a place in every part of Germany, the last two areas remaining are Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Bremen looks like a pretty boring city (with Brolters being a lost highlight, beer wise), but M-V seems to be beautiful with all it’s lakes and coastline.


I am planning a visit to Bremen late juli.
Your plans?

The top rated bar there place has 40 taps. Not too shabby.

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It’s was going to be this year @HenrikSoegaard but I doubt I will go now until 2021. Everything is ‘up in the air’ and being juggled at the moment. The wife wants to hit a Greek island rather than go to Germany and we have California booked for Christmas and New Year.

The Master Plan was: Brugge, Groenlo, Bremen, Schwerin (and the coast), Coesfeld, Brugge. That’s a lot of driving time, but I don’t mind.



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