Buckfast Abbey brewing beer again

I can’t recall this being mentioned anywhere, but I called into the Buckfast Abbey this week as was staying nearby and was surprised to see a beer supposedly brewed by them. Label says brewing was re-started after many years in 2023.

I got a bottle and emailed them to confirm it was made on-site, and got this reply today:

“I’m glad to hear you enjoyed our IPA. The beer is indeed brewed on site and the production is overseen by a monk (Fr Andrew) however, it is not a Trappist beer. We also have another two beers that should for sale on our shelves soon!”

So there you have it. Brewing ostensibly done by someone more experienced, but overseen by Friar Andrew and done on-site perhaps even in the same building / room as their infamous tonic wine?


When I was down there a year ago they had their own mead too. Think it may have been contract brewed, but it did apparently use their own honey.

Yes I saw that. Made by the Cornish mead company. Label did say the monks make their own honey, but didn’t say if the mead was made with it.

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