Budapest ... New venues in the last year?

Off to Budapest in 7 weeks time … was there in June last year.

Has anything new of note cropped up in the past year?

Asking as places don’t get added to RB in a hurry these days or could be stuck way down the list due to only one review etc.

@midovark help a Cloin out?

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We were (FatPhil, Anna and me) in Budapest last year just before RBESG. And I added all new places I could find and fixed/retired some old ones. So it should be quite accurate. Gonna be there again for Budapest Beer Week with martjoobolut. So places here will be updated before or after the event.

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Not too long after my visit then.

If you spot any new taprooms etc next month drop me a line on here if any worth visiting.

With a single review a new venue will just sit towards the bottom of the list so I may miss it.


Just quick browse of best places/breweries from last summer:


I missed Keg last year somehow … looks like it opened after my previous visit to last (2018). Will definitely put that on the list for this visit.

Gravity we hit last year and really liked the venue and beers.

I’ve been to one of the only good beers but not that one.

Your last entry sounds like it could be hard work !!!

Defintitely do go to KEG, great selection and gold kitchen, they have another unit on the Pest side if it’s more convenient, called Mixát. Same idea, same nr of taps, etc. Probably the place with the most concentrated Hungarian tick-source, after Beerselection, that is.
Gravity is sure worth a visit, decent enough beers there and there’s another brewpub downtown (very close to Csakajó/Hopaholic, makes a very convenient stroll), Ruin Brew. Lesser quality from what I remember compared to Gravity for instance, and they dont serve units smaller than pints for some reason, but hey.
Mad Scientist run a bistro downtown right next to Deak ter, called Madhouse, more on the fancy end of spectrum by Hungarian beer place-standards, but might be interesting if you’re looking for something different.
I’d skip Rizmajer tho, sub-par quality

Havent paid that extremely close attention since I moved away, but there were two recentish openings: Beer People is more focused on imports and there’s Unity Beer Bar which is a taproom/brewpub. The concept here is that contract brewers have their own FVs in rhe brewery, so you’ll supposedly find a bunch of their brews at the bar


I’ll be in town for the festival, drop me a line if you want to grab a beer? Been a while since I met anyone from here

Sure will do.