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BUG: Beer ratings map showing for places rated

This is such a small thing but when I go into the ‘places rated’ tab on Countries & States, the maps showing for England, Germany, Canada & USA are the blue maps for rated beers, not the yellow maps for rated places.


Yep, me too (Android, mobile). Very annoying for me as colouring in the maps is one of my favourite bits on the site.

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Yes had noticed this too

I have also noticed this. Personally I consider it a pretty major thing. This is an important feature that differentiates RateBeer from its competitors.


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Bump. @services

It seems really quiet on this, and nothing from @services. It’s really annoying and shows that the new regions were just a blip on an otherwise downward spiral.


@services hasn’t logged in for two months, so I wouldn’t expect resolution anytime soon.

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