BUG beta 2.5.7 with aliases

When clicking on beers with Aliases, the App crashed on Android 2.5.7.

All 2.5.5 bugs already listed are still active


I thought this was going to be an explanation of why I lost 6 rates over the last two days. I guess I will go back to blaming Swedish admin for marked unrateable fruited ciders my wife let me have a tick off. :slight_smile:



I’ll look into this now, however are there any specific beers you could let me know as examples?

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well…all of them…

try this one?

and when you are at it, could you fix the the aliases bugs that are live since forever on the WEBSITE?

On brewer page:

  1. Aliased entries should be the same height as other beer entries (4 lines)
  2. Aliased entries beer picture should be displayed like the others in Thumbnail mode (aliases have their own picture and they are important for the differentiation of the products)
  3. The aliased need the Admin Tools (edit + add pic), like all other beers

On Search results page:
Aliased beer results links automatically redirect to the other beer without displaying any infos at all (Beer picture for instance) … we should be able to access the ALIAS beer page like before, not an auto redirect. And of course, we should be able to see all normal infos for that beer (scores, rated or not, dates) even if it’s an alias.

On Beer page:
Alias should keep their own description displayed. Some beers have different descriptions but both alias are still active beers…

The add picture option should be kept like a normal beer.

The ADMIN TOOLBAR should include a VERIFY button and the BeerID number, and it should be accessible from the Aliased beer page as well.

When the beer is an aliased, it should be displayed with the same Score/number of ratings than the beer it is aliased (right now, they are shown as having no ratings at all) AND the beer redirected name should be displayed under its own name. (Right Now, the alias beer name is bugged, its the aliased beer name that is displayed but with the alias beer pic)

On User ratings page:
In our personal rating pages, they should be displayed the beer with the name we rated it…For example, I drank a beer a year ago before the beer was aliased (because the new name didn’t exist yet)…but now in my personal rating, only the new beer name is displayed…which can be quite confusing if you didn’t know it was aliased)
Rated beer status should be displayed to all aliases as well. Right now it is impossible to see if we rated an aliased beer unless we click on it to reach the alias beer page…


@Viper666.Qc btw the mobile app should be fixed in the 2.6.1 release which you should have access too soon to test…

As for the Website alias bugs, We’ll start working on those. Thanks for the list.

Services @ RateBeer


thanks, man! reat list. We have a few nice updates on staging. I’ll address the remaining items after we have pushed that live.

The ALIAS crash bug is fixed in 2.6.1 but there’s no way to access the aliased beer page, we only get redirected to the alias beer page (from the search or brewer listing)

I can’t see any other change on 2.6.1 vs 2.5.7 otherwise. The other bugs are still there.