BUG: Can't copy rating

When you are on a beer page, you cannot (or at least not without great difficulty) copy and paste a rating.

The rating field will expand but any click within that field causes an auto-contraction, and copying the rating becomes impossible.

This becomes an issue when reporting bugs hear, transferring ratings, sharing ratings, etc. If this is an attempt to make it more difficult for users to copy their ratings over to other sites, that won’t work.


Yeah been driving me nuts as well

I don’t think it’s a dissuasive idea, just something that came with the new technology.
It’s also preventing us to search for some word used in the review, or to Google translate reviews written in “other” languages.

FWIW, I already reported the bug in the long list that I provided a few days ago, in the admin forum.


It has also been annoying me, hope it is rectified (along with plenty of other bugs).