My birthday is my profile. How come the Cakeday feature isn’t working? It’s my birthday, dammit…

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Oh shit, today is my 10 year RateBeer anniversary. I’m glad we can share a special day, @stevoj

Unfortunately I’m 2 days late to this so I didn’t see if it was working or not.

Cakeday is a term stolen from Reddit and later Imgur for the anniversary of your join date on a particular website. Not related to your actual real life birthday. However the feature is supposed to show emoji next to your username for both events. See the image they give for it for examples of both.

The cakeday thing is a bit pointless unless joet goes and manually edits our join dates to be the same as the website. Otherwise almost all of us will have our cakedays within the same week next year.

Happy belated birthday if you were serious btw!