CAMRA Winter Beer Fest 2023 (Burton on Trent)

Hello, I’m finalizing up plans to visit the CAMRA fest in Burton on Feb-16-17. Are there going to be other RBer’s there.


@Theydon_Bois is probably the one to reach out to as I believe he plans on attending. We did Derby last year when the event was cancelled after bookings already made. I wish I could make it, one of my favorites.

Thanks. Colin is usually the first person I touch base with. Where do you think he gets all those Idaho ticks?


This is on my travl list, assuming I’m still in the UK then

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Would love to meet you. I missed you once at the Churchkey in DC. You had checked a beer in, just before I got there…

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I miss Churchkey a lot. Looking forward to meeting you. I hope you like cheap crappy Uzbek lagers…

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Flights booked. Hope to see you there. Would love to tick some Idaho beers. :sweat_smile:

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I wish I could fit it in my schedule to come back. Unfortunately, will be in Vegas then.

I can set you up with some Idaho ticks…

I could use a Galicia tick, or any of the surrounding provinces. Just one…

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Travelling with just hand luggage. Needs to figure out how to carry beers.

While you’re in the UK just find a Sainsbury’s supermarket - they stock Estrella Galicia.

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You’ll just need to get some pandas - here’s a picture of a happy Canadian ratebeerian who’s just got some pandas through in their hand luggage


In case that was too cryptic, pandas = panda pop bottles = 100 ml bottles which you can fill up with a beer sample and get through airport security in your hand luggage


Dammit! The best kept secret is out. I’ve heard this was a Scoopergen approved method…it’s rule #16

16 - Bottling (hand-bottling into plastic 250ml, for example).

Bottling is a controversial subject amongst scoopers but, having bottled successfully for around six years I’m fully in support of bottling - when it’s done properly. Therefore, as I don’t really trust anyone else to sterilise and wash bottles properly, I only count bottles done by myself as legitimate scoops.

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I can bring an actual bottle from Uzbekistan. That would be the 100th country for @stevoj


Where are people staying?

found some interesting Uzbek non-lagers…

I will be on Saturday!!

Staying in civilisation… not often you say that about Birmingham!
Train takes approx 30 minutes to Burton and run back to the 2nd city up till 2300 at regular intervals.