CAMRA Winter Beer Fest 2023 (Burton on Trent)

Hello, I’m finalizing up plans to visit the CAMRA fest in Burton on Feb-16-17. Are there going to be other RBer’s there.


@Theydon_Bois is probably the one to reach out to as I believe he plans on attending. We did Derby last year when the event was cancelled after bookings already made. I wish I could make it, one of my favorites.

Thanks. Colin is usually the first person I touch base with. Where do you think he gets all those Idaho ticks?


This is on my travl list, assuming I’m still in the UK then

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Would love to meet you. I missed you once at the Churchkey in DC. You had checked a beer in, just before I got there…

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I miss Churchkey a lot. Looking forward to meeting you. I hope you like cheap crappy Uzbek lagers…

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Flights booked. Hope to see you there. Would love to tick some Idaho beers. :sweat_smile:

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I wish I could fit it in my schedule to come back. Unfortunately, will be in Vegas then.

I can set you up with some Idaho ticks…

I could use a Galicia tick, or any of the surrounding provinces. Just one…