Can not create new place

Hi @services would it be possible to be able to create new places. I´m in Japan these days and visiting many places that are not in the lists.


You can add places - you just need to log out and then in again. Twice for some people.

Admins - is it worth pinning something about this becauae for years now someone asks the same question about once a week.

Hello @bjakk - I had replied to you last time you wrote about this, but you must have missed my answer so I’m gonna copy-paste it.

"Hello Bjarni, sadly, services is no longer there and tagging them won’t work. Definitely not a great thing but it is what it is, we can probably make it work for you though with some good old troubleshooting.

Did you try this?
“Attention! We’ve implemented email verification for adding/editing places to help us maintain our data quality. If you get a robot while trying to use these features, logging out and back in will most often resolve the problem.”

If you did and it didn’t help - did you try clearing cache / site data and cookies, with no instances of RB open in the browser? Did you try using another browser / device?

All of us here appreciate your effort - and I’ll gladly help you myself by adding those places if somehow, against all odds, nothing helps. :slight_smile: In that case, just drop links to them.

Best regards,

Also, what might help is you telling us which browser you’re using, its version and on which device.

It’s literally pinned as a banner above everything else. People tend to gloss over it. Not necessarily in this case, and let’s try to troubleshoot things for Bjarni.

I have notified Joe about the issue, he will hopefully look into what can be done, but his access is limited.

Thank you all! This worked for me. I had done this before, but did not know that I had to do this, perhaps, more than once.

I´m using chrome on a computer and then my android phone, neither one of those was working

Now both work.

And we have a few new places in Japan

Again thank you.



Aah, that’s fantastic to hear! :smiley: Mobile browsers can be really finicky when it comes to cookie handling - not just when it comes to RB, but Chrome perplexes me, never had any issue on it (or on Firefox), and yet I know people who very much do. :confused: Must be due to some settings.

I was going to put, “pin it… if anyone notices.” So think I demonstrated my point well there:)