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Can ratings be deleted?

Obviously I can’t remember all 14500 beers I’ve had, but sometimes there are beers I absolutely swear I rated that appear unrated. Do ratings ever lost?

Or maybe deleted because I swore or something? Just wondering

yes they can

but most likely reasons for losing ratings is beers being merged/aliased

I had an undead rating. The brewery had made changes to their beers and while my rating appeared one the beer’s page it then didn’t appear in various stats. I ended up deleting it and and re-adding.

I have also found that adding rates on my phone can occasionally be problematic because the page times out or such like and I have to add it in again. But there was one recently where it was only a couple of days later that I realised the rating had obviously not loaded properly. Had to add it again from memory but in al honesty it was no less accurate than any of my other rates.

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