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Cantillon and 3F bottles for sale to go lists?

I’ll be in Brussels in a few weeks so I’m looking for what beers they have for sale to go so I can plan what to buy from each. I realize it could change before I go, but is there any source that I could check before I go? Are their website’s accurate? Cantillon’s says they only have Gueze and Rose. 3F says, “lambic blend ready to be bottled - 2014 + 2015 + 2016” are available “from the bottling line”. They also list lots of other bottles, but I assume those are on site only? Thanks for any help.

Untapped is a useful guide or check out BA … there used to a regular thread for updating what’s for sale at Cantillon.

There hasn’t been a lot on to take away at Cantillon in the past few months … I was there in December and just the 2 you mention plus boxed Magnums of the Gueze.

We dropped lucky at 3F and were able to pick up magnums of


and bottles of …


They were also selling this box of 12.

Helpful. Thanks for the response.

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