Cantillon Questions

  1. I was looking at the difference between these entries, wondered if they’re the same. I realise one is a bottled version the other draught, but there’s lots of “from tap here-and-there” entries under the bottled version. So how are they different?

  1. I was at the Cantillon/Giordino tasting at Carnivale Brettanomyces and had a taste of Giordino Lambic ánd Sophia Lambic, both tasted quite different at this instance. Also, because they were poured and labeled as different drinks I was wondering why they are the same entries on RB.

My best guess is that people rated the wrong entries there. The important question is not draft or bottled, but whether there was a refermentation or not (which usually is not the case in draft Lambic, but is the case in the bottle).

I am not 100% familiar with those two beers, but this is nothing uncommon per se. Cantillon has in the past changed names of beers between batches. It might just be that one of them was the first batch that happened to be named Cantina Giardino, and then, when they rebrewed it, they called it Sophia Lambic.

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During last Zwanze day (2018) at Cantillon, at the blackboard with the available bottles for on site consumption, Lambic Sophia was written as: “Lambic Sophia (Cantina Giardino)”

@SinH4 Okay, thanks, that makes sense. But let me tell you about the event I witnessed. Jean van Roy & Antonio’s (from Giardino) talk at In de Wildeman switched from English to Italian to Flemish at points and was a bit chaotic in the order of talking about different subjects, with people in the crowd getting drinks in different order at the front than at the back, but the general idea was to have 3 rounds of lambic and wine side by side to compare and find similarities in the wine and the beer that was produced with barrels and lees of the wine.

For the Lambic Giardino I took these notes about details shared by Jean:

  • 1000 L mulberry / chestnut wine vat from Giardino
  • 2 year old lambic with fine wine lees from Giardino
  • The first Cantillon / Giardino experiment

And for Sophia I noted down (besides differences in taste):

  • 2nd Collab experiment
  • Sampled from bag-in-box, taken from wood barrel last week (so before re-fermentation)
  • 2nd batch of Sophia
  • Sophia is the name of Antonio and Daniela’s daughter

The 3rd experiment appears on RateBeer as Cantillon Aglianico. My notes of what Jean said:

  • Currently in an “from the vinyard-label” release but is thought of to get a proper bottle release with it’s own label, design based off the Drogone wine label (Jean was proudly wearing a t-shirt with this dragon illustration).
  • Coarse lees were used, and gave more flavor to the lambic, which was contra-dictionary to popular insight about using lees.
  • “8%, a bit more than you are used to from us”

@rouhlas Cantina Giardino is just the name of the winery they collaborate with.

Here’s a picture of the bottles that were poured, besides the bag-in-boxes. Each wine paired with a lambic, 3 wines, 3 lambics. Also on Untappd the abvs are different for Sophia and Giardino.

Some faces in the crowd were familiar beerfestival faces, I hope someone else who was there can fill in my blanks or share what they got out of the talk.