CASK Pub & Kitchen

Intrigued to find out what prices are.

That is a thixk beer catalogue.

££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ is the likely answer!

Have asked on X if there’s counseling for people with children and a mortgage.

Not my pic btw. 2019 Cantillon for just £1850? Yeah don’t all rush at once :man_facepalming:t2:

ha ha ha … no shocks here

you could get the Eurostar to Brussels, nights hotel and drink at the source with cash to spare over those prices (not just the £1800 nonsense!)

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This is funny stuff.

For a £288 bottle of lambic you’d think they’d have a more accurate description. I imagine Jeppe hadn’t provided the blueberries for a 2019 Blabaer, whilst living in NYC. Also I believe this year contained 10% raspberries. But who cares if you have £300 to throw at it.

I’ve been to Cask Pub & Kitchen a few times since Christmas, they’ve always got some decent beers on cask/keg including Monkish of late. Pre covid I was in there and the Craft Beer Co pubs all the time. I’ve only ever bought bottles twice in CPK and that was when they had just started. This 2019 Cantillon for £1850 is a ridiculous price and I bet they don’t sell any at all. Still good to see them offering the vintage bottles though and if you have the dough and really want to try it, go for it!

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Absurd, I wonder if Cantillon have been consulted? I can’t imagine they’d be happy about these prices.

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Not sure it has anything to do with them.

I doubt the beers were sourced via them directly and even so … retailer can charge what they want.

Some years back Westvleteren were quite upset at the rising costs of their beers being sold in touristy beer shops in Belgium. I recall seeing Westvleteren 12 for £25 a bottle in a shop in Belgium. It is more widely available now and was actually on sale in a supermarket over there too.

Of course, but I always assumed that Cask had a decent relationship with Cantillon, so at the very least it may have trashed that.

Were they a Zwanze venue for London once? Can’t recall (only ever went to the Kernel hostings) … certainly weren’t in more recent times … post 2015 era.

Maybe they thought sod it after that (closer) relationship ended.

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I can’t recall Cask or Craft Beer Co. ever hosting.