Cesc beer

Guys I need help identifying a beer I had at Raco d’en Cesc in Barcelona. The bottle said just “Cesc.”. It’s their house blonde ale (if I recall correctly) although it seemed lagerish to me.
I asked at brewers FB, but didn’t get an answer. Does anyone have some more info on this?

There is a brewery called Cesc but it’s not the culprit… lemme try to find something.

Yeah, I think it’s these guys. There are 8 of their beers on untappd and just one here. But none of those at untappd seems to be the one I’m looking for.

Actually, I’m quite sure it’s not them in this case. The restaurant seems to have had their beers made elsewhere and has no connection to the Cesc brewery.

The last few beers (Blat 201, Planctoni) were made at Marina and share a similar visual style with the new Cesc. - you might want to message them for details? They are quite active online.

25 anys brewed @Bleder (Fortiverd)

Blat 201, Planctoni and María Luisa brewed @Marina (Brewers Brohers)


Yeah, but the newest beer called “Cesc.” (with a dot) isn’t on there. But circumstancial evidence points towards Marina (Birrapedia included), so there you go.

I asked them about not only Cesc but also the rest of beers that this bar has brewed. I’ll let you know…