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Fuller’s Past Masters 1893 Double Stout (7,4%) is listed as an alias for:
Fuller’s Imperial Stout (10.7%)

That must be wrong
Also because a big difference in alcohol level


The 1893 is from the “Past Masters” re-release range - nothing to do with the current range like the Imperial Stout.
Both listed separately on the Fullers Webshop.


Not sure of the point of this thread …

I know RB can sometimes be unreliable but when I click on the 10.7% imperial stout … there is NO alias !?!

There are 5 likes to the above 2 posts … did anyone run due diligence?

It is my mistake
I did not check out that it is a 7,4% imperial stout as well as the 10,7% version
And the 7,4% version is the same as Past Masters 1893 Double


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Had this beer earlier

No appears to be called Jellyfish Nebula

Hi can one of the UK Admins correct this duplicate one:

I added this beer

But in hindsight probably just a new abv for the old millwright. Can this be deleted.

Do we need two of this beer?

ABV varies from 4.7 to 5.6%

And this:

Same beer:

No to both kernels mentioned above …as in should just be one entry.

And yes … looks like a clear duplicate on the Track beer.

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most recent Kernels are deleted and ratings moved

I’ll sort the Track when I get another moment