Cheese and Beer anyone?

Christmas coming along I was looking for something different to send to my various family members dotted around the UK. Came across these guys: British Cheese - Cheese Gifts & Hampers | Cheese Truckles & Barrels (

Some of you guys have already used them.
Chuckling Cheese Company (

Happy Christmas!


They have a cheese Advent Calendar at Lidl.

These guys do vouchers for excellent virtual cheese tasting sessions (the sessions are virtual, but the cheese is real and delivered a couple of days earlier). Some of the sessions include beer or cider tasting too. I’ve noticed a few other people here have used them too - I’d highly recommend them:

you don’t have to do virtual

you can purchase for someone else or yourself a live tasting … usually a Saturday or Friday night around 1900

sometimes get a brewer on as well and can ask questions

I’ve been on the one with the legendary Tom Oliver a couple of times

One of my mates got a cheese advent from Old Courtyard Dairy. It looks amazing. 24 small batch British cheeses delivered in 3 batches with a history of each dairy/tasting notes of each cheese.

Might give a try next year - unless I’m in Australia (had to postpone going this year).

beer advent ?

This is just cheese isn’t it ?

I use the CYD all year round and saw this advertised … our Xmas cheeses arrived today funny enough (from the CYD)!

Just cheese, yup.

Sorry slightly off topic, but I thought worth mentioning.

FFS just realised i wrote beer in my post above when I meant cheese (now edited above). :neutral_face:

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