Clickbait - another brewer goes under

These clickbait beer bankruptcy articles drive me nuts, you have to read 4 pages before you find out who they’re talking about.

Example from MSN:
Another beloved brewery files Chapter 11 bankruptcy (

This is a particularly egregious form of click bait

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That’s as bad as recipe articles online.

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So, since I refuse to click it, which brewery is it about?


One I’ve never heard of, still unsure where it is, and probably would have been better off never knowing


Yah, I think it’s Gizmo. I’ve been there a few times. It’s a pico brewery in a garage with some minor brew equipment and a couple of picnic tables outside in the driveway. I’ve started to see some of their stuff in cans lately. It looks like they’ve opened a couple of classy taprooms in the city, probably what sent them under.

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