Cold Crashing

So I got a new fermentation chamber, and I’m using it for the first time on a saison (got it cranked up to about 85 degrees). However, I ran out of hop bags during this brew, and I have a lot of crap in the fermenter. Is cold crashing a saison a reasonable idea? I don’t want to mess up a beer that is designed to ferment hot. I don’t keg, so this beer will be bottled, will cold crashing cause the yeast to drop out to the point where I’ll have trouble carbing it up? Please advise.

Afaik you can cold crash any beer, and it will help to drop solid particles out of suspension. There will be plenty of yeast left to carbonate. Fermentation temperatures don’t really matter since it should be done fermenting before you cold crash anyway.

As long as you don’t use any fining agent (e.g. gelatin), you’ll have no problems carbonating through refermentation in the bottle.