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Congratulations on your milestone BeerViking

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: With my 7k imminent, I was wondering whether to pick something special or make a joke of it - and then I totally forgot and absent-mindedly ticked the (admittedly very nice for what it was) alc-free Weissbier we had with dinner. Ah well, I guess that makes it special and a joke. :beers:


Ha, well at least it gives you plenty of time to chose something special for your 8K rating! Your post has got me thinking though. I might make a joke of my 500 rating if I get there, I’ve not tried Bud Light yet!

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Heh! It’s taken me long enough to get from 6k to 7k… I blame the kids! :grin:h

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Congrats on milestone. I personally have also always missed my milestones accidentally just whatever was next.

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Congrats on milestone, we need to share some beers again. Mainly because then I can stay ahead of you. Cheers, Shawn

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Pah! :beers:

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Congratulations! Greetings from the high north.


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