I am deleting a LOT
And still no reaction

Hun/han prøver bare at få så mange vurderingspunkter, som han/hun kan. Sutter moby pik.

He’s at it again, he seems either totally oblivious or ignorant, does not react to beer-mail either.

I have deleted more than 100 beer
And he do not notice it

Nå har han lagt inn en øl som var en spesial edition på en Norsk ølfestival for mange år siden også
Hmm…er alt bare fake?

Aass Jens og Terje

Perhaps just an honest mistake, I sometimes hit the wrong button and make a quick rating by mistake. I always delete it. But the copying continues. Can you temporarily suspend him until he reacts to email/beermail?

Also Cervisiam Smells Like Bean Spirit, OoP, last rating 4 years ago… He could at least have commented on how well it had aged…

I think it’s time to stop this nonsense. He continues copying and for some beers he even copy-pastes the same. He does not respond to beermail, not even from admins. Perhaps I ought to not let all this bug me so much, but it does - this is in principle a question about the integrity of ratebeer and a user who does not give a shit. I say it’s time to pull the plug. Cheers!

Funny guy
And I do not notice that all ratings from 2022 are gone…