Any positives yet? My office (United Nations) is closed and we are working from home for the next month. My children’s school was closed when two teachers were hospitalized with Coronavirus pneumonia. None of us are in the risk group, but four people teleconferencing from home, and spending 7/24 at home is stressful.

Not in NYC, but I’m working from home starting Monday.

My daughter had a fever as of this afternoon… not other symptoms in her or anyone else. We called the pediatrician and he told us to hold tight and monitor. Children’s Tylenol seems to be doing her well.

Though not mandated, I am working from home indefinitely, as is my wife. That said, in Brooklyn life seems to go on. People are still in restaurants and breweries, but there are fewer tables and bar tenders seem to be sanitizing more. From what I hear public transit is pretty empty. I expect further restrictions this week. My parent’s county in Pennsylvania has closed all businesses other than groceries, drug stores, and gas stations.

Last week we were asked for volunteers to work from home to make sure the new soft phones were fine, etc. Two of my colleagues volunteered within milliseconds but after three days were complaining how bored they were.

I work in a hospital…its lots of fun.

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Other Half is now take-out only. I think the bars and restaurants in NYC got shamed for being open and we will be seeing a lot more closure or delivery and take-out only.

Haven’t rated it yet myself.

I hope everyone’s doing well.

Well, according to statistics, there’s a good chance that at least 3 of us (of the 7 who wrote) should get it at some point. What everyone is trying to do is making sure not all 3 get it at the same time.

Retired in January. Good time to be retired.

How you guys holding out in NY hearing absolute horror stories from former nursing co workers in ny/nj.

Aside of the hospitals, it does not really look too bad. Restaurants are still doing delivery. People are still walking the dogs. It is definitely very different, but from where I live, it looks hardly apocalyptic.


Well I am going out once every 3 days to buy more food. When this started for me, which was 4 weeks ago about 10 percent of the people outside wore masks, now we’re up to 80%. We have positive people in our building, we disinfect everything we bring from the outside. So far we are all okay though.
By the way, do you know any breweries besides Torch & Crown that do home deliveries to Manhattan?
This is how we look when we venture outside :grinning:


Other Half are delivering to different parts of NYC each day, so you’ll be in the rotation once every week or two. My part of Manhattan was last week, but it’s a case minimum and there were only three things I hadn’t had. $120+ is a bit much for three OH ticks, even in these times.

LIC and Evil Twin are both doing delivery, but it’s by couriers so not cheap and will take a few days.

Thanks for the Torch and Crown tip, may place an order in a day or two.

Grimm is delivering on Caviar and GrubHub, but not sure if they will get all the way to you.

Finback is shipping as well. See below from their instagram:


Don’t tempt me!

I ordered a mix pack from last week, and they delivered very fast and for free. Their inventory is not extremely brilliant, but the good thing is you can order singles.

I got a free mixed sixer from taprm and most of the beers were expired.