Country ticks disappeared

Added a new county tick today. Before the rating I was at 203 countries. After the new county tick i was down to 201. Why did three disappear, and can I somewhere see which three these are?

Hi there.

Qatar is probably one of the three. I believe all the Fizzin beverages were deemed “not beer” and unrateable.

I think the only way to work this out is by looking at what you’ve rated on UnTappd (assuming that you are going by the same username) and comparing it to what you’ve got here.

For example, you seem to have lost a Sudan tick too (Veno Pineapple) as it has been made unrateable.

Edit: nevermind. Grumbo worked it out.

Qatar and Sudan will be two

And I can see on your ratings history you rated a Skol as St Kitts but it’s under Denmark.

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