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Just looking over our database for Cycle beers and it looks a lot like Untappd’s. There are entries for the same beer for multiple years for some beers, and entries for the same beer but just aged two years. Sometimes these reflect the names of the beers changing - AKA rare dos, rarer dos r2 rare dos, other times not so much? Any thoughts here?

I’m just visiting Tampa so I’m not perhaps the best person in the know here. But then again Tampa seems a lot like Miami/Lauderdale in that there appear to be no real active users left keeping track of the area. Just had to add a bunch of new clearwater breweries/places etc. and other stuff seems to have closed or moved.

I don’t think we have any admins covering Florida, so unless anybody else has any issue with it, I can take a look and sort out their page over the next few days.

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If you check the admin forum there was a recent proposal for a Florida admin.

Maybe check there or with the nominee as a starting point?

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Perfect, we can give it to them as their first job :grinning:

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Nobody should have a problem with tinkering with one of top rated breweries in U.S., good place to start.

“Here you go, knock yourself out kid” :joy:

Is there ever a problem when a bunch of duplicate rates get taken away?

I’m sure there hasn’t been any work in Tampa/St Pete outside of @Marko since I last visited in 2019. Maybe a visit by @jcwattsrugger or two.

Ya, seems so. Expect a few more threads trying to sort stuff out.

So having been there now yesterday, it seems some of them are different every year, like the Monday/Tuesday etc series changes recipe every year the bartender says. Or at least changes adjuncts - apparently Rare Dos is basically the base beer for every single one of their 1000 whiskey-tasting variants. I never understood the appeal of these guys myself, but to each their own…

That being said, not sure if rare dos aged two years should count differently, even if the name is different in the brewery?

Sometimes (as in Tuesday) the base beer changes - i.e. from ale to lager - sometimes the barrels used for aging vary - anyone sorting this out should be very careful. I opine that a beer aged for 5 years is a different beer from one aged for 1 year - but that’s just me.

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What is a job?

If you’re not sure don’t touch it.
If you’re sure ask.

I get down to Florida for about half the year. Dont get to the gulf coast like I used too and do even less on admining with the new ownership, along with not knowing how or when NZ/Australia and atservices prioritize fixes and new features.
cheers john

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