Dangerously Close To A Fruit Beer?

Why are the To Ol Dangerously Close beers been added\changed to Fruit beers? Brewer calls these Double IPAs. They are certainly hoppy but with added fruit. Does the addition of fruit make a DIPA a fruit beer? Seems very odd to me.

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Why is it weird that addition of fruit to a beer makes it a fruit beer?

The general rule is that it becomes a fruit beer when the fruit characteristic dominates over the base beer style on its own. Since the whole point of the Dangerously Close series is to use a shitload of fruit I would say the Admin making the changes is making the right call here.

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for some reason, Papaya is still an Imperial IPA in the database.

and I agree these should be fruit beers.

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I haven’t tried the To Øl series, but are they much different from the fruited IPA’s and DIPA’s that Brewski are doing?

Non DK admin touched this one last, dunno why. I have changed it to a fruit beer.

I’ve only had the Dangerously Close to Stupid Amount of Mango so far, bu from the horrible, artificial aroma and taste, I highly doubt that these are made with actual fruit. Concentrate or artificial flavouring seems a lot more likely to me.

I read the replies whilst drinking a nice coffee, I added milk to it and it changed the flavour, but was still very much a coffee! :slight_smile:

Ratebeer style definition for fruit beer is up to 5.5% and 22 IBU.

Don’t think these To Ol beers are a good fit. But I seem to be in the minority here so I will shut up. You are still all wrong though! :):grin:

I don’t think you are in the minority overall, Ken.

‘Fruit Beer’ is an old style on RB that probably has its roots in stuff like ‘cherry ale’ that crappy brewpubs used to churn out. In my opinion, in no way does ‘Fruit Beer’ account for the current practices of many brewers around the world, who take another style and add some fruit to it.

There has been a proliferation of brewers adding fruit to their IPAs, for example. I would wager that very few - if any - of these brewers think of these beers as ‘fruit beers’. Instead, they are IPAs with fruit additions. Some admins doggedly hold on to the definition of ‘Fruit Beer’ as anything with fruit in it, but I think that interpretation of the style is antiquated.