Dark Lord Day 2024

I just found out that Dark Lord Day went on sale.

I bought two. Mostly for nostalgia. I haven’t been since Covid.

Anyone else making the effort?


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I’m shocked this of still a thing. I thought they closed the brewpub

It looks like the brewpub will reopen in 2024. I’ve never gone to a Dark Lord Day, am curious, but at 200 dollars a ticket I have no real interest.

$200 a ticket?! nonsense. I’ve only ever had one small sample of Dark Lord and none of its variants, but I would never pay that much to attend a sampling and sale.

It doesn’t seem to be anywhere as popular as years past. Wonder if it will sellout. Maybe 3 Floyds overestimated their standing in the current craft beer hype world.

For an extra $133 you get a fancy backstage pass:

  • Limited-edition art print
  • Commemorative bottle opener
  • Access to the Deluxe tent located in stage lot, which includes an exclusive bar featuring ultra-rare barrel-aged Dark Lord variants from the 3 Floyds vault for purchase, private restrooms, and a separate food tent

and a chance to pay for more variants. How many overhyped barrel aged Impy Stouts does one have to sample before finding this ridiculous. I get the fun of a beer fest and bottle release but another mark up just to separate from the regular attendees and get to pay for more variants?

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Ticker’s gotta tick!! :rofl:

Yea but I tick by paying $3 for random shitty new belgium juices that show up at the gas station close to my house, not $200 for the opportunity to pay even more for 3 bottles of impy


real tickers are very good at doing a cost-to-tick analyses. $333 can get you a whole lotta thimble fills.

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If I understand correctly 200$ gets you 4 bottles of DL. Never checked the details, but I was under impression festival beers is included as well which doesn’t seem to be the case.

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I also understand that 200$ will get you 4 dark lord variants, and if you are really bothered by that price you can probably resell them to euro crowd for profit… For example regular DL will go easily between 50€ and 100€, if it is (at least semi decent) BA then 100+€… DL has still legendary status in EU, and there are many people that have not tried even the regular.

Not saying it is cheap, but IMHO it is way better bang for buck than some of those membership things where you pay 100$ or 200$ (without any bottles ) just so that you can buy more overpriced beer :smiley:

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Yeahhhh, sarcasm doesn’t translate well on the worldwideinternetwebs in print :beers:

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