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Dave's Beer - First came the brew, then the song


My friend Dave down here in Houston has been brewing for nearly 15 years now. The first few batches were nasty but he managed to get his act together fairly quickly and won a few local awards along the way. I don’t really know the details of his brewing methods but Dave’s beer is definitely potent and tasty. Since I am a singer/songwriter, it was just a matter of time I guess before Dave and his beer would find their way into a song.

Since everyone on this forum is into home brewing, I was hoping the tune would strike a good chord. Either way, I’d love to get some serious feedback on the song if you have time to listen. The events leading into and out of the song are fictional of course.


It’s illegal to sell homebrew. I wouldn’t advertise that he’s selling it.


We are just kidding about actually selling Dave’s Beer - it’s not for sale at the Americana although we may follow Texas legal channels and give some away at some point (outside of the actual bar) if Dave gets his act together and makes a new batch. Thanks for your feedback and taking the time to send us the warning. No one wants to get sideways with the liquor commission down here in Texas since they can put you out of business in a flash of the eye.