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De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva 2015 Purple Label

I added the beer “De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva 2015 Purple Label” some weeks ago. I saw that it was aliased with the “regular” Oerbier Special Reserva. Is this really correct? The description of the beer at Belgian Beer&Food was: “It was bottled in September 2017 and last February, brewery owner Kris Herteleer added a touch of sugar and recorked it to stimulate its refermentation and carbonation.” So can these two beers still be aliased?

Is the regular version un-refermented?

I dont know…

On the label it says it’s refermented in the bottle

Just out of curiosity: would this suggest a re-refermentation? Did they actually uncork a whole batch and then re-corked it?

I dont know… Just copied the info from Belgian Beer&Foods facebook page when they presented the beer as one of the 6 beers out of the first beer seeker box.

It would appear so & it sounds like some bottles simply badly fermented.

I get why the makers of the box parade it as something new but De Dolle gave it the exact same name as usually. De Dolle is notorious for recipe changes. In the past all vintages of De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva have been treated the same.

This is quite different from the failed batch of Arabier which got a new name.

I asked at the brewery and got the info: “All the info is correct. There is some extra sugar for higher carbo.”

So you admins have to decide if this should be a new entry or not.


I think our rules are: Refermentation is a new entry, but refermentation is refermentation, no matter the amount of spark it got.

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