Does anybody sell Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch or Mornin´ Delight?


I am desperately searching for someone who would sell 2-6 bottles of these beers and ship it to Germany. Is there any chance?
Despite money, I could also offer a lot of Trappist Beers from Belgium, including all three types of Westvleteren.
Anyone? I would really appreciate.


even getting one bottle of these beers can be considered a lifetime achievement, unless money does not play a role at all.

KBBS goes for more than 1200$ on secondary for a 12oz bottle, and Mornin Delight is probably still about 200. That is, if you even find someone who wants to sell their bottle, which the brewery releases via a lottery with ~1000 winners who are then allowed to purchase one bottle of the beer for 200$ or something like that (this goes for KBBS and Assassin, don’t quote me on the exact numbers). Mornin Delight is released in 4packs, but still very hard to obtain.

So, in short: Getting “2-6 bottles” is more or less impossible, whereas getting one bottle each will probably cost you at least 1500 Euros.

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If trading instead of buying is an option for you: Trading for Mornin Delight is possible if you can get your hands on valuable lambics, like rare one-offs or old seasonal releases. Trappist beers won’t cut it as their distribution is wide enough. Also, Kentucky Brunch is an entirely different level.

Thank you, sinh4, I was not aware of these unsain prices. I dont believe that a beer could be worth that price.

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The hype machine with TG is very strong. You are correct, they are not worth the money. No beer is worth that.


I believe price for KBBS 2014 at the brewery was 500$. Assassin was 300$.

Brew a barrel aged adjunct stout.
Get a few dumb Iowa yokels to homer it up.
Convince others and yourself that it is the best beer in the world.
Sell it for $$$$$$


I had KBBS and If I could afford it, I’d buy a whole case of it at secondary.

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ok, thank you, understood.
I guess, I am no longer interested in these two beers.
But, except for the Belgian beers, are any of the top 10 available (for reasonable prices)? For example, I once had a Founders Kenntucky Breakfast Stout, enjoyed it very much and tried really hard to find an importer and finally succeeded with an Italian importer who sold it to Germany, but only he was very nice and helpful.
Is Cigar City Hunahpu ´ s Imperial Stout (what a name) or any of these available? Google is no help.
So if anyone would like to have some Westvleteren…

You might be able to find Founders CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout) in Germany if there are any good bottle shops in your area. We only got them in the Cologne/Bonn area a few weeks ago. IMHO that should actually be much higher up the list as well. It’s also available from some European online shops that deliver to Germany. For the rest of the top ten, forget it, not a chance, especially not for Hunapuh.

There are plenty of other great stouts available in Germany that are not in the top ten list though. Be it from good bottle shops or online.

Hey snowcrash,

that sounds very interesting. Do you have any contact or link for me? I would appreciate that muchly.
Especially, because Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout was really one of my most favourite beers and I could not find any that is close (maybe Meissels Choco Stout) and I learned that Kentucky Breakfast Stout is only available for a few months in autumn.

Boxbeers in Denmark still has some bottles, shipping to Germany is quite cheap aswell.

That is good! But only one bottle per order. And a price of 12€.
Just checked the Homepage of Founders. KBS-season is March/April. :slight_smile:

among the top 50 Imperial Stouts, the following are generally available in Germany if you are lucky with bottle shops:

Speedway Stout (various shops)
KBS (second year in a row now)
Parabola (usually available in the Braufactum online shop when in season)
CBS (hit Germany a couple of weeks ago)
Expedition (never actually saw it in Germany, but often enough in European bottle shops)
BA Bible Belt (various online shops when fresh)
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel
Beer Geek Vanilla Shake probably as well.

with all the other ones, you’re probably out of luck unless you’re willing to trade with Lambics or other hyped beers.

Yeah thats given that it is a limited beer, which needs to get imported. And 12€ for a beer of that class being available in Europe is quite fair in my opinion.

Alesmith Speedway Stout Hawaiian is available at Beer Republic ( if you feel like spending 47€+shipping on a bottle of a beer… ):

Check but I think they deliver in Germany and it’s 8,30/bottle

they have a german version for their shop aswell.

Thank you all a lot! That helps! I will give it a try.

I’m sure if you sent @Homer321 some lambic, he’d send you a hunahpu…