Drinking Triangle Around Germany

Just wanted to share a few beer tips as we traveled Hamburg - Bochum - Dresden - Berlin in Summer 2023.

And a big thanks to those who’ve posted in the past and helped lead me to a few good beers… I just want to do the same.

… honestly jet lagged but I vaguely remember a few good beers in the Altona section of town and some great Turkish food. Take the local commuter ferries not far away (Fischmarkt) for an inexpensive ride along the port and view huge container ships up close… yes carry a bottle or two on board as drinking anywhere and everywhere is not frowned upon.

… which is sandwiched between Dusseldorf and Dortmund is Fiege Pils territory.
If you find yourself near the Bermuda3Eck … aka Bermuda Triangle there’s a beer garden with really cold Moritz Fiege drafts. Hard to find in Germany and ice is no easier to find. The best Pizza hands down is Mi Nonno a couple doors up the pedestrian street. There’s also fantastic cycling in this old mining area… rails to trails and canal rides and all roads should lead to Holgers Erzbahnbude pit stop where you can get a bomber bottle or two and meet some of the local bicycling crowd.


  • which means Feldschlochen beers
    I started @ Odessa Restaurant for my birthday dinner… just minutes walk from Zwinger Palace there’s Steiner Schwarz Bier on tap & a nice menu of traditional Ukrainian. Pelmeli dumplngs & fish dish wiith two sides in a quiet off street garden patio.

Zum Schießhaus Beer Garden
Neighborhood place near the Dresden Mitte Station. Dunkel & ubiquitous Pils on tap … great lunches out back in another off-street neighborhood beer garden … ordered venison goulash & saeurbraten dishes which meant more Dunkels. Nice to relax in a quiet corner of Dresden & no worries though it’s not a touristy place they have English translated menus and are a nice staff.

REWE Grocery Store
Just off the Schweriner Strasse there’s a big REWE in Dresden center and just a short walk from the popular Motel One. Big selection but nothing cold… tempted by Belgian Leffe Dubbel 4 pack for 6 Euros but spent about 8€ total for Stortebecker Scotch Ale, HackerPschorr Helles Feldschlochen Weizen bock , Kapuziner Hefe-Weissbier.

Hop Cult Beer Store
Well despite posted hours it wasn’t open on Tuesday at 3pm when I stopped by but it’s alongside the Kunsthopf Art Alleys …worth risking a trip just for the art & hope to have better luck than me with the beer. I heard selection is great…

BRLO Brwhaus
Nice beer garden with lots of seating and adjacent to a park with playground for kids. Sandwich & salat options for food too. Easy walk from Platzburgh & Topography & Terror Museum. U-bahn runs right overhead. Most important is if you’ve had your fill of Pils & Helles Lager they have IPA on draft. I also bought a 7% IPA & a an equally potent Baltic Porter in bottles for the road. Proust!

Chutney’s Restaurant
Maisel’s IPA in bottles which goes great with their Thali or a Dosa dish… warning this is South Indian cuisine so it’s spicy …maybe order two IPAs. Pilsner Urquel on tap too.

… and on the way home connecting at Frankfort Airport
Transferring from a Hamburg flight in FRK near A10 gates a kiosk had a few drafts and at least on June 26th a German craft IPA from Frankfort - Progusta brrewed by Braufactum (5€) … described as kaltegehopft mit citra & hallertauer mittlefruth. Beer in hand venturing a little further into the Shopping Area I found an UberQuell World White IPA … reminded me of a Wit beer and at 7% ABV. My advice is to grab a bottle or two to go because the line for B gates and immigration control before your connecting international flight out of Germany can be long if you dont have an EU Passport .